Guild Buildup

The Manx Music Festival is mere days away and the Facebook group is starting to light up with excited countdowns and people panicking about not knowing their words (me). For the uninitiated, the “Guild” is a very old music, speech, dance and drama festival which takes place at venues around Douglas every April. This year there has been the addition of rock band classes, which has opened up the festival to other genres and new performers.

I’ve been busy with my fabulous accompanists rehearsing pretty much every evening, and I’m starting to get excited (I assume it is excitement because every time I remember I need to sing in public soon, my stomach gurgles). As a former Cleveland Medalist, there is certainly added pressure when it comes to performing – but hopefully also experience, and a level of ‘it’s ok, I can do this’…

The classes I am entered into are:

Sunday 24th April ’16 and Under 26 Vocal Solo’ @ 3pm St. Thomas’ Church

Wednesday 27th April ‘Special Mezzo Solo’ @ 4:30pm (ish) Royal Hall, Villa Marina

Thursday 28th April ‘Songs from the Musicals’ @ 8:30pm Royal Hall, Villa Marina

Hope to see lots of friendly, supportive faces there!

Three days to go… xo

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