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Opening Night

“Women can always put things in fewest words. Except when it’s blowing up; and then they lengthens it out.” – Charles Dickens, ‘Oliver Twist’

After a mentally, physically and vocally exhausting week of tech and dress rehearsals, we are about to perform our first show in front of a paying audience. Having looked at the tickets available on the Gaiety website, we are going to have a full house tonight, which is equal parts terrifying and exciting.

It’s such a privilege to be involved in any production that performs on the Gaiety Theatre stage. The auditorium is beautiful and the stage is perfectly proportioned for a Manx company. Taylorian have done magnificent things with the set and we’re dressed to the nines in our Victorian finery. Plus, there’s a dog. I’m super excited.

Gaiety Theatre

Things I’ve learned this week:

1) Lots of theatre people in one place + hot lights + heavy costumes + exhaustion = tension;

2) It is hard to sing with a live orchestra;

3) No primer in the world will stop pan stick from sliding off my face during a performance;

4) Make sure hat is superglued/stapled to head.

The production is incredible and there are some seriously talented kids and adults in the cast, so a ticket will be worth every penny.  In fact you’ll see it once, tell all your mates and come back again. The weather is dreadful so come to the Gaiety Theatre and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Get your tickets here.

Let me know what you think!

Elizabeth xo

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