7 Songs of Travel | Music to Transport You To Another World

I think I speak for many of us when I say, that’s enough now. Enough of the cold, the dark evenings, the relentlessly bad news stories and acute back pain.

Here are seven songs that help me remember better times.

1. America, specifically Northern California in late summer before the leaves turn. Big trees

2. South London, sitting in a park with friends and a bottle of lukewarm Rioja, which is passed around

3. A silent train somewhere in the German Alps, big headphones on, heading home

4. Walking up to Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, the week before everyone goes back to uni

5. Road trip down the west coast of Ireland, on your mate’s hen do (raining loads but you’re having a great time)

6. Taxi from JFK airport to your hostel in Manhattan – it’s late and you’re already jet lagged and strangely weepy about it

7. Southern Spain with the gals on a warm June evening, hanging out on the patio drinking sangria with fresh lemons