Who are you and why are you emailing me?

Great news – January is over for another year! Daylight hours are getting incrementally longer and you might even be thinking about your summer hols. I’ve already booked mine.

This week marks seven months (!) since I broke free from my corporate shackles, and I’m being a bit more proactive in my search for new clients. If you hear from me by email, it means two things:

  1. I love your thing
  2. I want to help you make more money from your thing

A really great part about working for myself is that I can choose who I work with, rather than having random projects assigned to me by a manager. Be safe in the knowledge that if I’m keen to collaborate with you, I like what you do.

Why copywriting & brand voice is important

Copywriting (aka sales copy) is every word used to describe and sell your brand. These words appear on your website, brochures, mailers, social media profiles, ‘about’ blurbs, business cards, posters, flyers and even your product itself if it exists in a physical realm.

Great visuals draw the customer in, but great copy keeps them there.

But why do you even need copywriting support? Surely you know your business better than anyone else?

Let me put a few scenarios to you:

  • You’re smashing your visual branding but the accompanying copy is letting you down
  • You’ve got a bunch of cool ideas and can speak passionately about your brand but can’t express it clearly in writing
  • You’re not distinctive enough from your competitors
  • You want to speak to your audience but don’t have time to spend putting monthly newsletters together
  • Your pre-existing copy doesn’t fully showcase who you are and what you do

How I, a copywriter, can help:

  • Creating a ‘style guide’ means your staff have the confidence to post regularly (which improves search engine ranking, making you easier to find online, increasing sales and bringing in £££)
  • Keeping tone of voice consistent across all company communications makes it less confusing for customers, meaning it’s less likely they’ll go to a competitor
  • Clear and concise copy puts your company in the spotlight, and isn’t loaded with jargon people have to Google
  • Developing a regular mailing list lets customers know about events and deals, again increasing the likelihood of sales
  • (Do you see, I am trying to make the point that better copy = £)

Why I do this job

It comes down to one simple thing: I bloody love the Isle of Man. I love what we can achieve when we have great ideas. I love collaboration, and I particularly love it when people are passionate about their business. I want to help you communicate that, and much more, with the rest of the island – and beyond.

n.b. Stuff I do not love about the Isle of Man: littering, people complaining about literally anything because they don’t like change, the government saying young people don’t vote and ignoring the voices of anyone under 35, seagulls mugging me in the street, when it’s windy and it rains directly into the hole in your coat hood where your face is. But I’ll put up with these things because the positives outweigh the negatives.

What it’ll cost

I can work on a project or hourly basis, depending on what you need. As a creative freelancer, I have to factor in research, ‘thinking time’ and client revisions, so this will be reflected in the cost, but I’m happy to work to your budget wherever possible. Unless you’re a gambling gaming company, in which case it’ll cost you a million pounds.

(Just kidding. I’m not interested in working with gaming companies, even for a million.)

Ambivert Geminis need social interaction or they crumble into dust so make sure to get in touch for a chat about how we can work together.

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