“I’m nearly eighty years old, Ealee, I have lived my life. The west wind always blows across the island in the spring. The frosts melt away and the hillside bursts into life again. Things will change.”

Sixteen-year-old Ealee Corkhill lives on a sparsely populated, remote island at the edge of the Atlantic, and dreams of becoming an esteemed doctor like her grandmother, Mona. But life on the island does not offer Ealee the same prospects as the generations before her. Violent and unpredictable weather prevents all but critical supply trips to and from the mainland, and residents must be satisfied with a traditional and highly restricted way of life.

Weeks before her sixteenth birthday, Death threatens to engulf her homeland and Ealee is forced to make a dangerous journey across the sea if there is any hope of her community’s survival. Accompanying Ealee is her friend Rory, on his own journey to find a father he has never met – and who just might hold the key to their survival.Upon arrival in New Embra, Ealee meets Marcus, the young leader of a ‘Z’, a secretive, underground network of young survivors whose exceptional skills threaten to disrupt the ruling classes and unseat the Leaders of Order. Ealee must quickly learn to adapt to the strange, modern world she now finds herself in, while seeking a cure for the mysterious sickness threatening to destroy her home forever.This coming-of-age YA novel, inspired by Exodus (2002) by Julie Bertagna and Divergent (2011) by Veronica Roth, is a work in progress and will be ready for agent submission in January 2021. Please get in touch if you are interested in reading the first three chapters.